​This session is ideal for: tracking sessions (and taking the multitrack stems), mixing days, production days, pre-production days, writing sessions

  • 10am-5pm

  • Engineer Included

  • FULL use of all equipment on site

You get the studio, the equipment, the facilities, and an engineer for the day. You can do whatever you want in the seven hours.


And that's that! You get the studio and an engineer for seven hours to record, or mix, or write... The space is yours for the whole day. Most people use the Standard Day to track a few songs worth of drums (usually four is a good amount), or maybe the base of a whole song (drums, bass, guitars, lead vocals), and then take the project files or multitrack stems away at the end to mix themselves or to add other elements.

Or, if you're well prepared, you could record AND mix a single, simple song in a day, like the sample below 👇

Train of ThoughtsImogen Mansfield
00:00 / 04:57

The above track was recorded & mixed during a single STANDARD DAY recording session.