​This session is ideal for: singer-songwriters to record a few songs, tracking single instruments

  • 6pm-9pm (Mon-Thur)

  • Engineer Included

  • FULL use of all equipment on site

We offer a short session, Monday to Thursday, that is ideal for solo musicians with one instrument (e.g. guitar or keys). You can use the three hours however you like; most artists who book this session tend to play live and track as many songs as they can, kind of like a demo showreel they can refer to before they decide which tracks to fully record later.

The other option is using the short session to track another instrument. Maybe you need some brass or more guitars on a track but don't need a full day? This evening session is perfect! (NO DRUMS, NO FULL BANDS)

Heat of the MomentGiorgia May
00:00 / 03:33

The above track was recorded & mixed during a single £79 Short Session