from £79

  • Real drums recorded in a REAL studio (no bedrooms!)

  • Up to 24 stems of audio, all recorded through our analogue equipment

  • A choice of drum kits, snares, and cymbals

  • Send your song(s) (up to four minutes long, see "Extras" below for longer tracks)

    • Send your song as a WAV or mp3, recorded to click ideally

    • Send it with or without guide drums

    • Send some reference tracks for the style and sound you want

  • Forbes records LIVE drums​

    • You will get TWO versions of your song (one simple take that leaves a lot of room and one busier take with more fills and character)​.

      • These two take can be edited together seamlessly as Forbes takes every care to ensure cymbals tails fall in the same places

    • You can also ask for an HD video of the session!

  • Forbes sends your recorded drum via email​

    • That's it! You'll get your drum takes via WeTransfer straight to you email​

  • Mono audio stems, DRY (no effects), 24bit 48kHz WAV

    • Kick (IN), Kick (OUT), SNARE (Top), SNARE (BTM), HiHat, Ride, ​Toms (up to four, depend on kit used), Overhead (LEFT), Overhead (RIGHT), Close Room, Far Room

  • Recorded through analogue pre-amps, with gentle analogue EQ to "clean up" the dry drums​

  • Clearly labelled and numbered for ease of use in your DAW for mixing

  • TWO versions of your song

    • One simple, with few fills, a "straighter" beat to fit your song​

    • One busier, with more fills, ghost notes, and moving beats

    • ​Both takes can be edited together seamlessly​

      • Perhaps you like the straight beat but love the big fill from the busy take? No problem, slice them up in your DAW and they'll fit together!​

  • per extra minute over 4 mins +£15

  • Additional Mics​​​

    • Overhead (CENTRAL) +£5​

    • Snare (SIDE/SHELL) +£5

    • Kick (BATTER) +£5

    • Würst Mic +£10

    • Glynn Johns +£20

    • Recorder Man +£30

  • HD Video +£15​

  • "Wet" Stems +£50

    • These stems will be "mixed" i.e. further EQ added and compression, as well as a stereo mix of the entire drum kit to sit perfectly in your track​​

  • Extra Versions or revisions +£69​

Want to hear what the dry stems sound like?

Click below to get a FULL TRACK of free stems to play with!


"Just got the files. The result is better than I could have imagined - I'm absolutely blow away. Thank you! I will definitely be in touch next time I need a drum part recorded." - Moti Zilberman

Check out the track Moti commissioned!

"The guy is a beast in the best way. Excellent drumming, fantastic communication, and fast delivery. Extentive details are covered in records to the final audio package. He knocked it out of the park so terrifically!" - Jonathan Fobbs

"I've worked with Forbes ... and the boy is awesome, he instinctively tunes into the dynamic of your idea and brings it to life, spot on the bpm, he throws in a few surprises too which make you ponder, always a healthy thing in art! Top kid, couldn't recommend him more" - Caesar Jones

"Great experience! Professional and on-point, he exemplifies skill, experience, and knowledge (micing techniques, equipment, and more). Very happy with the final product!" - Quincy Davis

"The drums sound cracking, thank you so much for putting them together! The analogue pre-amp richness is lush!" - William Chorlton

"Great work, man! I've got another three songs that need drums that I'll send you right now!" - Barry Hawk

"Thanks for the super quick turnaround. They sound great!" - Jamie Tipson

"Terrific experience, solid chops, great turnaround, and awesome quality." - James Doctor

"Incredible! Amazing, professional, well recorded drumming." - Alex Berman