​This session is ideal for: Full production, release-standard, professional singles

  • 10am-5pm

  • Engineer Included

  • FULL use of all equipment on site

  • Full mixing included, +one revision

  • Analogue hybrid mastering included

  • Digital delivery (via DropBox)

Record one full song in a day and get the whole thing fully mixed & mastered after the session. You will end up with a professional, polished, release-standard single that is mastered to perfection for all the streaming sites, radio, and for CD pressing.


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For just £279, you get the studio, the equipment, the facilities, and an engineer for the day. All mixing & mastering is done after the session, so you get the full seven hours to record your one song, which should be enough time to get those perfect takes (if you're well rehearsed!).

The full mixing process happens after the session and the mix is uploaded for review. One revision is included, so you can request changes to this mix before it goes to the master phase. Additional revisions can be requested starting at just £29.

The below song is an example of a ONE SONG, ONE DAY session 👇

Love's Off The HookStuart Newman
00:00 / 02:33

The above track was recorded & mixed during a ONE SONG, ONE DAY recording session.

Photo 17-02-2020, 17 07 56.jpg