£169 per day

  • 11am-4pm

  • Engineer Included

  • Mixing Only

Sit in for a mixing session with your chosen engineer and leave with your mixed tracks on as digital uploads (via DropBox).

We recommend 1-2 tracks per day for mixing, but this depends on the quality of your audio and how many channels of audio you have. As an example, the sample track in the player below took one day to mix. The track was recorded here at AUDIOBEACH and the quality of the audio was the best it could have been so very little time was needed to "clean up" the audio.

Once the track is mixed, and you have left the studio, that's your finished mix. You can, of course, pay for additional revisions to be done remotely or you can book in another mixing day to make these changes.

No recording or tracking can done during a mixing day so make sure you have everything you need before you book in a mixing day!

PerfumeJimmy Balito
00:00 / 03:51

The above track was mixed during ONE mixing session with Forbes Coleman