​This session is ideal for: live sessions, singles, pre-production sessions, live albums, writing sessions

  • 10am-5pm (Mon-Sun) // 5pm-11pm (Mon-Thur)

  • Mixing & Mastering Included

  • Engineer Included

  • FULL use of all equipment on site

This session is a step up from the standard day. All mixing AND mastering happens after the session, so you get the FULL day to record rather than having to stop for mixing.

You can record as little (one track) or as much (20 tracks?!) as you want, and everything will be mixed afterwards.

All mixes will be the same across all tracks (i.e. the same drum EQs and levels, the same guitar mix, the same vocal effects), edits will be minimal, but full mastering will happen to all the tracks (again, the same mastering across all). You get two review mixes before the mastering process, with everything delivered via DropBox.

This session is great for smashing out a few live tracks, and is very popular with function and live bands whose sound is the same across all tracks recorded. If you want more detail in the mixes, like detailed editing, individual vocal effects or different drum mixes per track, you need to check out the package deals.

Telling WishTesla's Wish
00:00 / 03:47

The above track was one of FOUR recorded in a day, with all mixing AND mastering taking place afterwards.

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