​This session is ideal for: live sessions, pre-production demos, function/cover band show reels

  • 10am-5pm

  • Engineer Included

  • Full use of ALL equipment on site

  • Blanket mixing included*

  • Digital mastering included

  • Digital delivery (via Dropbox)

You can record as little (one track) or as much (20 tracks?!) as you want, and everything will be mixed after the session.

This session is best suited to live recordings, much like a gig, where you setup and play with the same levels and tones through each song. You can overdub vocals towards the end of the session, if you want to, or you can keep the session completely live.


*Mixing happens after the session, with the mix being the same across ALL the tracks recorded (blanket mixing); so that's the same drum mix, the same bass level, the same vocal effects etc.  which is why this session is best for live recording. No mix revisions are included, but can be requested per song or per project.

More information here

Telling WishTesla's Wish
00:00 / 03:47

The above track was one of FOUR recorded in a day, with all mixing AND mastering taking place afterwards.