UPDATED: 04/11/2020

As per new government guidelines that are in effect from April 2021, we have updated our COVID-19 policy.


Based on information received directly from the Musicians' Union, we are able to continue operating as a recording studio. As part of this, we have completed a COVID-19 HSE Risk Assessment and have updated our COVID-19 Session Information, detailed below.


You can download a copy of our HSE Risk Assessment Document here. A physical copy is also available on site.

At-Risk & Shielding

If you are classified as at-risk or shielding, you should NOT attend a recording session. We will be relying on those who are at-risk or shielding to be honest about their status and be considerate and sensible when it comes to bookings in and attending sessions. 

Symptoms and Diagnosis

If you are showing ANY symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, you should NOT attend a recording session. If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, you should NOT attend a recording session. We will be relying on those with symptoms or a diagnoses to be honest about that status and be considerate and sensible when it comes to bookings in and attending sessions. Failure to disclose this information could results in a large fine for you.

Maximum Numbers & Non-Band Members

From the 05/11/2020, there should be no more than SIX (6) people IN TOTAL on site at any given time. This includes your engineer. If you are large band, you will need to book two days and split the band members over the two days. For example, a seven piece band should send their drummer, bassist, guitarist, vocalist on Day One, and then their other guitarist, keys, vocalist and backing vocalist on Day Two. No non-band members should attend sessions; no photographers, no partners, no roadies. Producers and managers may be allowed to attend with prior agreement.

Serco Track & Trace

At least ONE BAND MEMBER the session must scan the QR on the entrance door before entering the studio. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this. Your engineer may ask for proof that you have scanned before continuing the session.


Refusal to scan the QR Code will result in the session being stopped immediately.


Unless performing, drinking, eating, or leaving the site, masks should be worn at all times, UNLESS exceptions are agreed with your engineer, in the communal areas (also known as the Live Room). Masks will be provided for those who do not have them at a cost of £1 per mask. 50% of this cost will be donated to local foodbank charities to help those in need during the lockdown and beyond. 

Failure to wear a mask will result in the session being stopped immediately. Your engineer is not required to wear a mask when they are in the Control Room as we have clear social distancing markers in place, which must be observed.

If you are fully vaccinated, please let your engineer know as some restrictions may be able to be relaxed.

Hand Sanitiser

We have two contactless hand sanitiser dispensers on site; one on the entrance door and one in the kitchenette area. You MUST sanitise your hands every time you enter the site. If the sanitiser is empty, inform your engineer immediately so the dispenser can be replenished. There is also a contactless dispenser in the toilet.


Do NOT touch anything, including instruments, that you do not intend to use in your session. If you do touch something you don't plan on using, let your engineer know so this item can be marked for additional cleaning after your session.

Microphones, leads, and other items that are shared between sessions will be used in "rotation". This means that the equipment you are using for your session will not have been used by any for at least 72 hours prior in addition to being sanitised.

Social Distancing Markers

Around the studio, we have taped off certain areas with blue tape. These are the Social Distancing Markers and should be observed at all times you are not performing.

In the control room, there is a blue line that must not be crossed when you are in the control room with your engineer. You must also not sit on the side of the sofa nearest to the piano. Do not stand in or block the doorway to the control room.

In the live room, an area has been taped off as a "gang way". This is to ensure you and your engineer can move freely in and out of the studio during the session. Do NOT loiter or linger in this gang way when you are not performing. Do NOT leave cases or bags in this gang way.

Food, Drink, and the Kitchenette Area

If you are bringing your own food and drink to the studio, please dispose of anything left over immediately in the bin provided. 

We suggest that, where possible, your bring your own reusable mug for coffee and tea. If you don't own one, you can use the mugs at the studio but you MUST wash up the mug you have used when you are finished with it. Plenty of cleaning supplies are available in the kitchenette area.


We will not be accepting cash payments until further notice. All remaining payments should be made by card on the day unless otherwise agreed with your engineer in advance.

Session Gaps

There will be a 72 hour gap between each session booked. That means; if the studio was in use on Monday by one band, no other sessions can take place until Friday. However, one band may book several days in a row, for example Thursday to Monday. After the Sunday, no further sessions will take place until Friday.