from £129

  • Mixed by Forbes

  • Fully analogue mixing on our GL4000

  • Up to 24 audio stems for £129

  • Up to 30 audio stems for £169

  • UP to 36 audio stems for £209

​Fully mixed, by Forbes, on our ALLEN&HEATH GL4000 console and our various outboard units. True analogue mixing just like the old days!

Starting at just £129, you can send up to 36 individual (mono) audio stems for mixing. 


Send your stems, Forbes will load them up in Logic then route them all back out to our fully analogue ALLEN&HEATH GL4000 console, mixed entirely on the console using the four band sweepable EQ and our various outboard gear, then upload the mix to Dropbox for you.


As this is fully analogue mix, revisions will involve setting up the mix again and, as such, are charged at full price. Forbes will try his best to make a note of all settings that are used so, if there are changes that need to be made, the original mix can be recalled as accurately as possible.

This is a really interesting way to have your tracks mixed as it's the way things used to be done before digital technology came along. It relies on well-recorded audio so make sure you're confident that your recording engineer has captured everything as you hoped and that any effects, apart from reverbs and delays, are printed to your audio.

  • +£25 per minute if the song if over five minutes long

  • +£50 for a time-lapse video of the process

Rolling with the TimesJoshua Bowman
00:00 / 03:29

The above track was mixed, analogue, by Forbes using audio previously recorded at AUDIOBEACH